Our goal is to make it easier for you to accept payments from your customers anywhere in the world and on any device. Support for Apple Pay & Google Pay makes it faster for your customers to pay you. There are no extra fees from Stripe or Paythen either. Here's how it works:

Enabling Apple Pay in Paythen will help improve conversion rates, and requires just one step – you need to switch it ON via your Paythen settings. In your Paythen account, go to Settings > Payment Methods and switch the Apple Pay toggle to ON. This will allow us to configure Apple Pay to work with your Paythen & Stripe account and will start showing the Apple Pay button for your customers on Apple devices.

This button shows just above the existing payment form when available. Your customers won't need to enter any information manually if they use this button. They will be asked to authenticate their payment via another Apple device to complete the payment – this is the same as any other Apple Pay payment.

Google Pay is on by default in Stripe and Paythen since it works differently to Apple Pay. This means you don't need to change anything manually. You'll see this locked at ON in your Paythen setttings.

Google Pay is visible to your customers on Android phones and tablets, and on the Chrome Browser on desktop. Your customers who use Google Pay or have cards saved in Chrome will see one of two buttons, just above the normal payment form:

Which plan and payment types are supported?

Currently Apple Pay and Google Pay will show only for one time payments i.e., the One-off plan type or when customers choose to pay the full amount upfront for the Pay your way plan type. In both cases, if your plan has custom fields, the Apple Pay or Google Pay buttons will not show since custom fields are not supported by these methods. We are working on supporting payment plans and subscriptions with these payment methods too.

Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees from Stripe or Paythen to use Apple Pay & Google Pay.

If you have any other questions, just click on the chat icon and ask us anything.

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