Allowing customers to cancel their own subscription without having to email you can help reduce valuable support time while improving the experience for your customers when interacting with your brand. This is especially important for ongoing subscriptions where customers are used to being able to cancel their subscription at any time and not having this function can lead to frustrated customers.

With Paythen, enabling this for your customers is a one-click job. When creating or editing a plan, choose "Yes" for this option.

This is available for subscriptions, payment plans and pay your way plans in Paythen. Once you enable this, customers on this plan will see a "Cancel my plan" or "Cancel my subscription" button on their customer summary pages.

If they click on the CANCEL link, they will be shown a confirmation pop-up. Once they confirm, their subscription or plan will be immediately cancelled and this will reflect as cancelled on their customer page as well as in your admin dashboard. Here's what it looks like for your customers:

No notifications are sent and no automatic refunds are issued when a plan or subscription is cancelled. If you need to issue a refund, you can do so via your Stripe dashboard.

This setting is off by default on all plans.

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