What type of plans can I create in Paythen?

Five types - payment plans, date-based payment plans, pay your way plans (where your customers choose), subscriptions and one-off charges.

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Paythen offers five types of plans (with two different types of payment plans), with dozens of configuration options so you can customize them how you need to for your business model.

To create a new plan, create a free account or log in, then click on the green plus icon in the menu. From there, you'll see on-screen instructions to create and customize plans for your business.

Once you create your plan, we'll generate an easy pay link you can use anywhere to let your customers or clients pay in seconds.

If you're intending to use Paythen with an eCommerce site or third party form where each customer will have a different total, go here to read about templates in Paythen.

It's important to understand that Paythen's specialty is payment plans. If you intend to offer only subscriptions, you absolutely can (and many businesses use it successfully this way), but there are other tools that specialize and go deeper on supporting standard subscriptions than Paythen ever will.

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