Update your business / company name in Paythen

Seeing "Unknown Inc" as the company name on payment pages? Or want to update the business name shown just above the payment button?

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When you connect your Stripe account to Paythen, we attempt to automatically sync your business' name from Stripe to Paythen. If this information isn't available, the company name is set to "Unknown Inc." – this will show up on customer-facing pages like your plan payment pages as well as in automatic emails to your customers.

Unless you're that rare organization actually called "Unknown Inc.", you'll want to change this. It's easy, just go to Settings > Account info in your Paythen dashboard and update the company name field to your actual business name. Here's a direct link.

On all Paythen payment pages, just above the PAY NOW (or Submit) button, depending on the plan, a line is also shown which includes your business name:

This line comes directly from Stripe and cannot be changed or removed for compliance reasons. The business name shown here comes from your Stripe account directly. If you need to update this, you'll need to do it via your Stripe dashboard. Go to Settings > Public details and edit the "Public business name" field. Here's a direct link.

That's it! Your business name will now show correctly everywhere on Paythen and Stripe. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via the chat icon, or email – hello@paythen.co

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