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Failed payments made easy

Paythen makes it easy for you to stay on top of failed payments while helping you reduce manual admin by automatically emailing customers.

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Paythen helps you better manage failed payments – by sending your customers automatic notifications any time a scheduled payment fails. No manual admin needed.

Failed payments can happen for many reasons - insufficient funds, new card numbers etc. When using just Stripe, or many other payment systems, these failed payments can often go unnoticed by admins for months – leading to a higher chance of lost revenue. Here's an example of what we send:

Paythen keeps track of any failed payment attempts and automatically notifies your customers via email. This is ON as a default but you can switch this off via email settings in your Paythen dashboard. You can also see a preview of what we'll send.

The email includes a link for your customer to easily check and update their card info, and when available, lets them know the date we'll attempt to charge their card again. This next attempt date depends on your Stripe retry settings.

In addition to notifying your customer when their scheduled payment fails, each admin on your account can also choose to be notified of failed payments. This is on by default but can be switched off via email settings in your Paythen dashboard. As with all admin notifications, this is set by each admin for themselves.

Be sure to switch OFF the failed payment emails in your Stripe settings to avoid doubling up on customer emails. Since the Stripe email doesn't include any links for your customers to update their card info, sending it via Paythen is better.

On a customer's Paythen summary page, we also show any failed payment attempts with a clear banner at the top highlighting the failed payment and allowing you or the customer to re-attempt it immediately. This is visible to you, and to each customer.

There are multiple customer statuses relating to failed payments. Read more about them here.

Failed payment notifications is just one of the ways we help our customers reduce busy-work and spend less time managing and chasing payments. If you have any questions, please ask us via the chat icon.

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