Run a business with global customers? 🌎 🙌

Offering your customers the option to pay in their local currency is one click away with Paythen. Just choose the currency you want when creating a new plan. This is great for your customers but what does this mean for your reporting? After all, it's hard to compare a plan in Euro with a plan in USD to understand what's happening with your sales.

With Paythen, we do the heavy lifting for you. All plan reports show you the numbers in the plan currency as well as your account's base currency using real time exchange rates.

On the dashboard, for your overview reports, we automatically show converted amounts based on the current exchange rate for all plans – so you can easily compare and see all plans side by side, regardless of the plan currency.

All plan level reports show your actual numbers in the plan's currency and then a converted amount to your account's base currency. For collected revenue amounts, the conversion rate is what it was at the time the payment was made. For any expected revenue amounts, the current exchange rate is used.

Please note converted amounts shown in Paythen may be slightly different to converted amounts shown in your Stripe dashboard. Use any converted amounts as a guide only.

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