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Conversion rate in some plan reports showing N/A? Here's why.
Conversion rate in some plan reports showing N/A? Here's why.

The view count, and related conversion rate in your plan reports is intended as a guide but cannot be 100% accurate.

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Seeing N/A under conversion rate in your plan report? This can happen when the pageview count is less than the number of customers on a plan.

Pageview counts in Paythen are calculated based on browser sessions and using some anonymous metrics to minimise counting more than one view from the same user.

In some cases, these page view counts are blocked by user browser and network settings. This can mean the customer count for a plan can end up being greater than the page view count. In this scenario, this conversion rate metric becomes useless to you as it would show a negative number, which isn't accurate.

Instead of showing you an incorrect negative conversion rate, we instead show N/A.

Please note that the pageview and related conversion rate metrics in Paythen are intended as a guide only – they aren't 100% accurate because of limitations in how this information can be gathered in a privacy-friendly and anonymous way.

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