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Page views, conversion rates & expected revenue per page view metrics in Paythen
Page views, conversion rates & expected revenue per page view metrics in Paythen

Paythen shows you unique page views for your plan payment pages as well as conversion rates and an expected revenue per page view metric.

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For all four plan types in Paythen, you can see page views and a calculated conversion rate metric. For Pay your way plans and Payment plans, you can also see a calculated "Expected revenue per page view" metric.

Here's how they work:

Page views

Like it sounds, this number is from 'unique' views of your plan payment page. Typically, a customer will view your payment page, and then either complete the payment or exit the page.

  • Unique views are based on a user's unique device and some other public identifiers. If the same user opens your plan payment link twice from the same browser within a short period of time, we only count one page view.

  • If you or any of your team members are logged in to Paythen and view the plan payment page, no views are counted.

While we try to keep page views as unique as possible, this won't be 100% accurate. Please use this as a guide only.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is a calculated metric based on the number of customers on this plan divided by the total page views for this plan, shown as a percentage. This is a useful guide to help you understand how many views of your payment page lead to paying customers.

Why is this useful?

As a guide, this lets you understand how many potential customers (people that viewed the payment page) became actual paying customers.

Expected revenue per page view

This calculated metric is only available for the Pay your way and Payment plan product types in Paythen since the other two (Once-off and Subscriptions) don't have an 'Expected revenue' metric, which this is based on.

Expected revenue per page view is calculated by dividing the expected revenue amount by the total page view count.

Why is this useful?

This lets you understand the dollar value of each page view of your plan payment page. This in turn lets you compare different marketing channels and sources for their effectiveness in driving revenue for your business.
Especially for paid marketing channels, you would ideally want your expected revenue per page view number to always be higher than what you pay for each page view.

Since this metric is based on page views, which can not be 100% accurate, this is useful as a guide when considered with other business metrics. We don't recommend using this exclusively to make business decisions.

Want to reset the page view count?

Sometimes you want to see these numbers update for yourself, but then want to reset them back to zero, specially when you've just created the plan and have no customers. You can easily reset the page view and related metrics back to zero at any time at a plan level by clicking on the "Reset page views to start from zero" link shown on each plan report page.

Any logged in team member on your account can do this. A confirmation pop-up is shown before this is done as this action is permanent and irreversible.

Resetting page views has no impact on any revenue number or customer data but will reset the page views, conversion rate and if applicable, the expected revenue per page view back to zero.

Can't see page view & conversion rate metrics on existing plans?

If you're seeing a banner like this and N/A next to the page view and related metrics, it's because for plans that had existing customer data before we launched this feature (9 November 2020), we don't have page view data, so can't show or calculate these metrics. You'll need to duplicate those plans and create new versions to start collecting this data.

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