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Seeing "cancelled payments" in your Stripe account? Here's why (also, don't worry).
Seeing "cancelled payments" in your Stripe account? Here's why (also, don't worry).

Stripe's API has a side-effect where it creates "cancelled" payment records for anyone that viewed the plan payment page but left.

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Seeing lots of "Cancelled" payments in your Stripe account since you started using Paythen? Don't worry, those are not actual payment attempts and this has no impact on reports in Paythen or Stripe. This is a side-effect of how the Stripe API works.

Basically, as soon as a customer views one of your Paythen plan payment pages, a customer and payment record is generated in Stripe. If they then complete the payment, these records get updated with relevant data and show as COMPLETED, however if they navigate away from the page and don't pay, then it leaves that "cancelled" payment record you're seeing.

We clean up as much data as we can from Stripe when this happens but unfortunately there isn't a way to remove that "cancelled" payment record which you're seeing.

This is something that Stripe's API team is aware of and as soon as they release an update to fix this, we will flow that through too and fix this.

Remember this has no impact on your reports or data – but we know it's annoying to see all these records. We'll fix this as soon as we can once Stripe improves how their API handles this.

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