A common question we get asked is if you can move existing customers and subscriptions over so all existing and new customer data is in one place.

This is something that our team will need to assist you with but is definitely possible. It’s relatively easy if you’re already using Stripe as your payment processor, and a bit more complex when another payment processor is involved as that requires assistance from that processor.

When you first connect your Stripe account, we do sync existing customer data so basic functionality to allow card info changes is available immediately to all existing customers too.

The majority of requests we get are from customers who are already using Stripe. We can help you move your existing customers into Paythen without them needing to re-enter any billing info.

This is a resource and tine intensive process though - all we ask is you evaluate Paythen for your needs first, and if suitable, reach out to us via chat or by emailing hello@paythen.co and we‘ll work with you to move all your customers over.

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