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Does Paythen work with other payment processors?
Does Paythen work with other payment processors?

No. Paythen works only with Stripe to process payments.

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No – Paythen does not work with or support any other payment processors. Paythen is designed to work deeply with Stripe. This is because Stripe is the leader in terms of the features, flexibility, security, ease of use, global availability, and more when it comes to payment processors. We believe it is the best payment processor available for most businesses in the countries it is available.

Building Paythen to work with Stripe means we can offer you advanced features that would be impossible with most other payment processors. We have no short-term plans of integrating with other payment processors but will re-evaluate this position as needed.

We understand Stripe is not available yet in many countries – if you are based in one of them, we're sorry we can't work with you at this point :/


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