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Paythen fees & billing

Paythen has simple, transparent fees - we get paid only when you do.

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We don't do complex, hidden fees or charges. We built Paythen to simplify your payments while giving you complete control. It's the same with our fees.

You pay no Paythen fees during your free trial. After that, it's just 2% per transaction. There are no minimum or maximum spend limits and no other hidden fees or charges. You never need to add a credit card either (unless you're in one of the few countries where Stripe application fees can't be charged automatically, in which case we'll reach out to you for a billing card, and bill you at the end of each month)

Our fees are simple, and low, allowing you to keep more of your hard earned money where it belongs – in your pocket, while allowing us to build a secure, useful product that continues to save you time, money and take away payments related admin.

Having our fees structured like this as a small percentage of each sale also ensures we are constantly working hard and improving Paythen to help you sell more as we have to provide value to you every day to keep earning our fees.

As with all billing and payments systems, our fees are separate to Stripe's per-transaction fees for processing payments. You can read more about those here as they vary based on your location.

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