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Support for bank transfer payment methods like SEPA, iDEAL, ACH, BECS & more
Support for bank transfer payment methods like SEPA, iDEAL, ACH, BECS & more
Paythen currently supports credit and debit card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and iDEAL.
Updated over a week ago

Bank transfer payment methods are commonly used in many countries. They are often much cheaper than card payments too. Customers typically get taken to a new page to input additional details or to authenticate with their banking app to complete this flow, then brought back to the payment confirmation page.

Because each country and each method has different ways they handle bank to bank payments, and many don't provide confirmation in real time (some take up to 6 days), this adds complexity behind the scenes for a payments system. We are evaluating ones available in different countries and will be adding support where appropriate and relevant. We'll be starting with payment methods that provide immediate confirmation of payment and will look at ones with delayed confirmation after.

At the moment, we support iDEAL for one-time payments – this is automatically switched ON in supported accounts and will become visible for relevant customers on your payment pages depending on their location and your plan type and currency. At the moment, iDEAL works for one-time payments and for plans with Euro as the currency.

If you're interested in a specific payment method being supported, click on the chat icon and let us know – this helps us prioritize which ones to support first, and lets us keep you updated too.

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