Coupon codes & discount codes in Paythen

Paythen supports discount codes for all 4 plan types. There are some differences and limitations across each plan type.

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Discount codes are commonly used by many businesses. Paythen supports discount codes for all plan types. It takes seconds to create discount codes in Paythen.

πŸ”§ Creating a discount code in Paythen

  1. To create a new discount code, go to the discounts tab in your Paythen account and click on the "New discount code" button. Or just click here.

  2. Configure your discount parameters – like setting a % based or fixed amount discount, expiry date, maximum number of uses, and more. You can also also allow discounts to work on all plans or specific plans in your Paythen account.
    Once done, click "CREATE".

  3. Your discount code is now ready, you can copy the code and share it with your customers as needed. Easy!

πŸ’³ How can my customers use discount codes on Paythen plans?

Once you create your first discount code, you'll see a new link that looks like this, on all your payment pages:

Clicking on that link expands the box and will let them enter the discount code:

If they enter a valid discount code, they will see the updated payment amounts and a success message, otherwise they will see an error message. That's it! Customer summary pages and Stripe payment receipts will also reflect this discount.

βš™οΈ How do discount codes behave in Paythen?

At the moment, discount codes in Paythen only work for one-time payments and the first recurring payment for payment plans and subscriptions. Ongoing discounts for recurring charges will be supported in the future too. Here are some examples of what this means and specific behaviours across different plan types in Paythen.

  1. For a payment plan that charges $100 per week over 10 weeks, a 40% discount code will give your customers $40 off the first payment only. The total cost will be discounted by $40 (so instead of $1,000, the total cost will now by $960). This is the same for subscriptions – a $40 discount will be applied to the first subscription payment.

  2. At the moment, discount codes ignore any upfront or setup fees added to a plan. Eg: If you take the same $100 per week plan over 10 weeks above, but it also has a $200 one-time setup fee (so a total cost of $1,200). A 40% discount will only apply to the first instalment payment only (so will be $40). The first charge for customers will be $200 + $60 = $260 and the total cost will be ($1,960).

  3. The maximum possible discount for payment plans and subscriptions is $1 less than the first instalment amount (which must be payable today). Discount codes do not work for plans with trial periods. This will be supported in a future update.

  4. Discount codes will only work for plans where the discount amount is smaller than or equal to the first instalment amount (excluding setup fees, if any). Eg: if you have a fixed amount discount code for $100 and your plan or subscription's first instalment is $100 or less, the discount code will not work for this plan.

  5. For Pay Your Way plan types, as a default, the discount code will work on both payment options – upfront or payment plan. Consider this if using percentage based discounts:

    Eg: If you have a Pay Your Way plan with $1,000 payable today, or $1,000 payable over 10 weekly instalments, a 50% discount for a customer paying in full today will give them $500 off, while for the payment plan option, the customer will get $50 off (50% off the first instalment only).
    You can change the default behaviour via the toggle in the discount code creation screen to enable it only for the upfront or the payment plan option, or leave it to work on both:

    At the moment, discount codes only support a one-off discount i.e., for payment due today. We are working on adding support for ongoing discounts too – so you can offer your customers a discount on their entire payment plan or subscription.

Need additional functionality or have further questions? Ask as anything, and let us know what you'd like to see in Paythen via the chat icon or via email:

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