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Gift cards overview, setup and redemption guide
Gift cards overview, setup and redemption guide

Paythen lets your customers easily redeem digital gift cards they've purchased from your business using our gift card platform – Cardivo.

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Our sister product – Cardivo is an easy to use platform that lets you offer branded digital gift cards to your customers. These can then be redeemed on any of your Paythen plans (or even your WooCommerce store directly). It works, looks and feels very similar to Paythen – and is just as easy to set up. You can read more about Cardivo here and create a free account here.

This guide takes you through the set up, and outlines how your customers can redeem gift cards on Paythen plans. To get started, follow these steps:

Setting up and connecting Cardivo and Paythen

  1. Create your free Cardivo account, connect your Stripe account and configure a few settings. You can read more about Cardivo and specific setup details here on the Cardivo site.

  2. Switch ON the Paythen integration in your Cardivo settings (settings > integrations) and copy the access token field

  3. Now go to your Paythen account and in Paythen settings (settings > integrations), switch ON the Cardivo integration

  4. Click "Edit" on the access token field and paste in the Cardivo access token value you copied in step 2. Save it.

  5. Your set up is now complete and your gift cards from your Cardivo page will be redeemable on any of your Paythen plan pages. This includes all Paythen plan types. A new "Redeem a gift card" link will show on your Paythen plan pages:

Anyone with a Cardivo gift card for your business will be able to redeem it on your Paythen plans. You'll see any gift card redemptions in your dashboard too – and the plan payment amounts will be adjusted automatically.


You can try out the flow yourself by buying a test gift card here, then redeeming it on any of these four Paythen plan pages.

If you have a WooCommerce store, you can also enable Cardivo gift card redemptions directly on your store (for all purchases) with the Cardivo WooCommerce plugin. Read more here.

Redeeming gift cards on Paythen plans

Unlike Visa or Mastercard prepaid gift cards typically given out by businesses, Cardivo gift cards are only redeemable at your business – this means that each gift card sold not only creates new revenue for you, but also brings you new customers that are heavily incentivized to buy from your business. If your customers love your services or products, offering gift cards should create a virtuous cycle and drive more revenue from existing customers while bringing in new customers.

Once you've switched Cardivo ON in Paythen, anyone who receives a gift card for your business will be able to redeem it on any of your active plans, as long as the currency of the gift card matches the currency of the plan. Gift cards can be purchased in any currency (if you want) but at the moment, they can only be redeemed on Paythen plans of the same currency.
Since Cardivo gift cards allow partial redemptions, if the value of the gift card someone has is more than the value of the Paythen plan, they can pay for the whole plan using their gift card, and have a left over balance they can use for other plans with your business.

And if a gift card holder's gift card balance is less than the cost of your plan, they can apply the gift card first, and pay the remaining balance (whether due today or via future installments) using any standard payment method. For payment plans and subscriptions, we'll automatically adjust the customer's payment schedule. This will be visible to customers (and you) on their Paythen customer page.

Note on redemption: While gift cards can be redeemed on any Paythen plans, customers still need to enter their payment information for any future installments due. In cases where no installments are due in the future, we still require payment information to be entered for verification and this will allow you to easily offer one-click purchases in the future, even to customers who paid via a gift card.

Note on gift cards for one-time payments: If you're using one-off plans in Paythen, or for the "pay in full" option for Pay your way plans, if a customer applies a gift card that has a higher balance than the payment amount, they will still need to enter a valid payment method and a $1 (or €1, Β£1, etc) will be charged. The gift card balance used will be the payment amount less one dollar.
In this scenario if a customer has a $500 gift card balance, and applies it to a one-time payment of $100, then $99 of the gift card balance will get used and the customer will still need to pay $1 directly.

Current limitations with Cardivo gift cards on Paythen plans

  1. At the moment, discount codes and gift cards can't be used together on a plan. If a customer applies a discount code, the gift card redemption field is automatically hidden, and if they apply a gift card, then the discount field is hidden.

  2. Gift card and plan currencies must match – if a customer has a Euro gift card, it will only be redeemable on Paythen plans in Euro. If you have USD plans for example, that gift card won't be usable there. We expect to support automatic currency conversion in the future.

  3. You can't limit which plans gift cards can be redeemed on. If you've switched ON the Cardivo integration in Paythen, gift cards will automatically be redeemable on all Paythen plans – we expect to support more granular plan selection options in the future.

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ This is a newly released integration in Paythen, we're improving it every day – if you have questions, suggestions or need a hand with anything, we'd love to hear from you. Ask us anything via the chat icon, or email

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