With our WooCommerce plugin, you can offer payment plans to your customers as one of the options on the checkout page. Please note this plugin only works with WooCommerce. To embed plan payment links on normal WordPress pages, you don't need this plugin.


  1. You install our WooCommerce plugin and configure a few options

  2. On the checkout page, your customers will see a new payment plan option

  3. They will place the order and be taken to the Paythen plan page to complete payment. Your WooCommerce order status will be "On-hold" while they complete payment.

  4. Once they have successfully signed up to the payment plan, they'll be brought back to the WooCommerce order confirmation page and the order status will change to "Processing".

  5. Customers will get an email from Paythen with their payment plan details and dates, in addition to any emails you have configured in WooCommerce

  6. You can see their payment plan and information in the Paythen dashboard

  7. Your customers will be automatically charged for each future payment

Getting started & installation

To get started with Paythen and WooCommerce, in your Paythen account go to Settings > Integrations and switch WooCommerce on. Then Click on the "Click here" link to download the latest version of the plugin (currently v0.1).

Install the plugin zip file in your WordPress site. You won't see the plugin in the plugins store. Once you've logged in as an admin, go to plugins > add new, and click on the "Upload Plugin" button on the top left.

Click on "Choose file" and upload the plugin .zip file.

Click on "Activate Plugin"

Now go to WooCommerce > Settings, and the "Payments" tab and click on "Manage" next to Paythen Payment Plan. You can also drag and drop to adjust the order payment options are displayed in on the checkout page.

Add in the parameters and text you want to show on the checkout page:

For the Paythen template url field, you need to create a template in your Paythen dashboard and paste in the link here. Read more about templates below πŸ‘‡

Paythen templates

Our WooCommerce plugin automatically generates a payment plan for each customer based on their cart total including any shipping, tax or other charges. To do this automatically, you define some rules in advance like the billing interval, the number of payments and a few other details. You do this by creating a template in Paythen (at the moment, only the "Payment plan" type is available).

When you switched the WooCommerce integration ON in your Paythen account, a new option was added to your Paythen menu, called Templates. This lets you create and manage templates.

To create a new template, go to the "Templates" tab in your Paythen dashboard, or just go here.

Once you create a template, you paste the template link into your WooCommerce settings. Templates are explained in more detail here.

Need additional functionality or have questions? Ask as anything, and let us know what you'd like to see in Paythen via the chat icon or email hello@paythen.co.

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