Paythen's Zapier app lets you send customer data from Paythen payments, into your CRM, Google Sheets, Slack, and most other apps you'll use in your business. We've highlighted some popular integrations here.

Here are the steps to use Paythen & Zapier

  1. Create or log in to your Zapier account

  2. For now, while our app is in beta, you can get access via this link (later you will see our app in the Zapier app selection, just like other apps)

  3. Start creating a new Zap and choose Paythen from the list of trigger apps

  4. At the moment, Paythen has one trigger – for a new customer on your Paythen account. This is triggered for each new sign up to any of the plan types in Paythen.

  5. Choose whether you want this zap to work for all plans or only for specific plans

    If you choose a specific plan, you will also see the option to map any plan-specific custom fields in the next step

  6. Choose an action app to send your data to, and configure that as you would any other Zap

  7. Go live! 🎉


There is a deliberate 5 minute delay between a customer being created in your Paythen account and the data being sent to Zapier – this ensures customers whose banks require additional authentication steps are always covered and included, and ensures no incomplete or invalid customer records are sent through to Zapier.

Zapier triggers

Customer created

When a customer is created in your Paythen account, send customer data including standard fields like the name, email, plan data like the plan name, expected vs. collected amounts, the customer summary link, and even custom field data. If the same customer signs up to multiple plans, each sign up is treated like a new customer.

🏗 Payment received (coming soon)

Will trigger each time there is a new payment in your Paythen account.

🏗 Failed payment attempt (coming soon)

Will trigger each time a scheduled payment fails. Applicable to payment plans and subscriptions.

🏗 Customer status changes (coming soon)

Triggers when a customer’s status changes to completed or cancelled.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that lets you send data between over 5,000 popular tools, in minutes, and with no code. At Paythen we've been using Zapier for many years to automate repetitive tasks, send data from one tool to another, get notifications where we want them, and so much more.

With Paythen's Zapier app, you can send customer data you've collected in Paythen, to any other tool you use, from Google sheets, Gmail, Slack, CRM systems and thousands of others. Here's an intro to Zapier to get started.

If you're new to Zapier, get ready to be blown away! Zapier will make you and your business 10x more productive.

If you haven’t tried Zapier yet, create a free account and give it a shot. Or read more about how Zapier works here.

Need a hand? We're here to help.

We’ll help you get your Paythen <> Zapier workflows & zaps set up to get data into any other Zapier app. Just message us via the chat icon, or send us an email and we’ll help you get your integrations sorted.

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